The UAL-ANECOOP Foundation’s Innovation and Technology Centre was set up in 2004 to coordinate Anecoop and the University of Almeria’s research and experimentation activities. In 2008, it was made an “Andalusian Knowledge Agent” as an Innovation and Technology Centre.

The Foundation seeks to upgrade and enhance the competitiveness of the agricultural industry through research, innovation and transferring technology to producers. It also helps newly-qualified agricultural engineers to gain work experience.

Achievements done

  • Analysing production problems that affect farm profitability and the quality of products for customers.
  • Enhancing the technology used by producers through technology transfer.
  • Meeting the goals of specific environmental and food safety policies geared towards sustainable technological development.





UAL-Anecoop Foundation’s
Experimental Field Station

Tel/Fax: +34 950 214 207

  • Universidad de Almería.
    Edificio CITE V D2-30
    Ctra. Sacramento, s/n
    04120 – La Cañada de San Urbano ALMERÍA, SPAIN.
  • Finca Experimental
    Paraje “Los Goterones”, s/n, Polígono 24, Parcela 281
    04131- Retamar ALMERÍA, SPAIN.