naturane zero residue is a practical example of sound agricultural management that takes economic, environmental and social sustainability aspects into consideration.”

We produce and market fruit and vegetables with no pesticide residues, using Anecoop’s “naturane zero residue” system*.

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Thanks to “naturane zero residue”, we have moved closer to excellence in the implementation of the integrated crop management techniques which our cooperatives and member companies have been using for many years. Anecoop’s naturane zero residue system was developed by a team of experts within the organisation. It covers the entire process from the field to the packing house, and guarantees the absence of pesticide residues in the tests carried out on the active substances used during production (those that can be analysed by laboratories and have an established MRL), as well as others that are not used but could be present in the atmosphere.


* Pesticide residues not exceeding 0.01 mg/Kg for a minimum of 386 active substances analysed by an ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Agency) accredited laboratory (under the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard).