Sistema de calidad y seguridad alimentaria de Anecoop y de sus cooperativas socias.

naturane is the quality control and food safety system used by Anecoop and its member cooperatives.

naturane takes the concept of total quality a step further and aims to look after the environment. Anecoop’s customers are guaranteed healthy produce which has been grown using minimum amounts of pesticides and chemicals and in any case well below legal limits for phytosanitary products

The naturane system covers the entire production process for fruit, vegetables and salad stuffs:

Our R&D&I strategy focuses on the continuous development of new measures to further improve the various different areas covered by naturane:

  • Variety selection
  • Increasing biological pest control
  • Improving processes in our packing houses
  • Optimising productive resources.
Sistema Naturane

naturane System

The merits of the naturane system have been recognised by different Spanish and international organisations (including the Andalusian Regional Government and GLOBALG.A.P) which assure food safety and environmentally-sound production methods.